Commercial customers make up the bulk of our business.
We distribute to offices, grocery stores, warehouses, machine shops, and to a multitude of other business throughout the greater Washingotn PA area.


We work hard to provide outstanding service to our residential and commercial customers alike. We make home deliveries 3 days per week on Tuesdays through Thursday from as far north as Bridgeville and as far south as Waynesburg.


We specialize in 5-gallon water tanks. Additionally, we distribute 16.9oz bottles and 1-gallon jugs. Please see our products page for full descriptions.


Businesses may lease water dispenses from us. We also have water dispensers for sale for both residences and business. They are commercial grade with both hot and cold faucets. We will happily deliver the units upon the first water order.

Important Facts

1. Our 5-gallon water comes from a naturally occurring spring in eastern Ohio.

2. All spring water is thoroughly filtered to exceed the FDA standards for healthy drinking water. Additionally we offer distilled water, which has undergone an extensive process to remove any and all particles from the water. We have many customer who prefer distilled water and we recommend it for pregnant women and for use in machinery and humidifiers.

3. Our water has won several taste test awards and stands out as excellent tasting and refreshing.

4. Ameron is a locally owned and operated company. We purchase from local vendors and give back to our community in many ways.

5. We do not have water service contracts with our customers. Setting up and cancelling service is smooth and simple. Each customer will be placed on a delivery route and will be contacted by our office prior to delivery to check on your water needs.
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